Wednesday06 July 2022

3D glasses and modeling for designers

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Virtual Holographic 3D - that is the name of the technology coming from the Z COMPANY, located in California. The story is about 3D glasses that follow the movement of your eyes, head and arms, and accordingly adjusts the stereoscopic 3D display, or moves virtual 3D objects. Although there is no question of true holography, the effects are ultimately just like they are with the use of holographic 3D.

Unlike conventional 3D display with glasses that are used in games and 3D films, Z Space Preview lets you move your head around the object that we observe while the device adjusts the perspective of our position in a relation to virtual 3D object.

Also, unlike conventional 3D glasses, Z Space glasses have IR markers that record their position. This enables the camera to record the screen carriage movement, therefore the position of the eyes, thus changing the angle. Along with glasses comes a stylus which can also manipulate 3D objects and whose position is also calculated in in relation to the position of the eyes of users. How does it look in practice? Well you can check out the promotional video, but it really will not give the complete experience (you will have to get the ZSpace for that). The price for ZSpace will be around $4,000, but if you enroll in the developer program (there is an official SDK), the cost is only $1,500.

[Ed - This sort of reminds us of some of the scenes in Iron Man where Tony Stark is working on his suit with Jarvis, but much less sophisticated.]

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