Tuesday04 October 2022

3DMark for Windows RT

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Futuremark according to earlier announcements continues to expand the availability of 3DMark benchmark tools on other platforms. Following versions for Windows, Android and iOS, the company presented the issue of 3DMark for Windows RT and tablets powered by these operating systems.

3DMark for Windows RT brings the two tests, the standard Ice Storm in 720p resolution and support for DirectX 11 API level 9 and Extreme Ice Storm, which is running in 1080p resolution and is intended to test the maximum possibilities of stronger Windows RT tablets. Test results can be compared with other platforms (Android, iOS and the "full" version of Windows), just as is the case in other editions of this generation 3DMark.

Version of 3DMark for Windows RT takes up about 150 MB and is available free for download from Microsoft's Windows App Store.

[Ed - Futuremark is quickly pushing out the right tools to make sure they can test almost any platform. Once the numbers start coming in we are sure that the manufacturers will start trying to make "adjustments" to their phones and devices to make sure they get the best score. It will be interesting to see if Futuremark responds differently than AnTuTu did and exactly what they have planned to prevent it in the first place...]

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