Sunday25 September 2022

7 years was not enough for banks to upgrade their Windows XP based ATMs

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According to relevant statistics, over 95% of ATMs in the world still uses Windows XP. Support for this OS ends in April, but the bank did not react in time.

A large number of banks therefore decided to ask Microsoft specific support tailored to the transitional period in order to provide the operation of their ATMs. According to Reuters, the top five banks in the UK could pay around $100 million (each) for prolonged support and upgrade costs. Banks in the U.S. market will also be paying Extended Support, but as negotiations are still in progress, how much money is on the line is not known.

Microsoft in 2007. announced the cessation of support for Windows XP. According to NCR, one of the leading manufacturers of ATMs, to the cessation of support for XP every third ATM will be upgraded to Windows 7.

[Ed - Makes you feel really confident that the banks have your security in mind...]

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