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A local Taiwanese company is really not falling behind, launching the world’s first smartwatch totally made of stainless steel and connected to a cloud platform.

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A local Taiwanese company is really not falling behind, launching the world’s first smartwatch totally made of stainless steel and connected to a cloud platform.

This September is the month when all technologic companies release their new products, it is also the month when all interests are focused on “smartwatch” like the hottest topic of the moment. Samsung with its Galaxy GEAR watch is not the only one, we have seen Sony releasing their new smartwatch 2, all the other big players are trying to get into this new trend one after another. Taiwan of course is not absent of this brand new race, Guidertech has been for a long time focused on the care of senior people. Today on September 6th at the Sheraton hotel in Taipei, Guidertech has released a brand new smartwatch called angelhealth. This watch is not only targeting the general consumer market with its notification feature available through connection to smartphones, it is really getting out of the crowd for its different positioning.

First of all, the watch is made of a full stainless steel body, very similar to all major Swiss watches. This design makes it very different from the other smartwatches on the market and gives it a particular positioning.

Three main functionalities for this angelhealth starting with the notification feature and messages pushed on the screen (touch panel). The second one is a health center and the third is a daily life improving feature.

1. The notification feature not only lets you see incoming calls, text message, but also notifications from your social networking applications such as Facebook, Line, Twitter and all their content.

  1. The Heath center is the main focus and also their core of skills. Of course through the pedometer you can record your distance traveled, your steps taken or the calories that you burned, but you can also record a 24hr overview of your activity, such as your sleep or the total activity one would execute in one day. This feature is made to enhance oneself’s health monitoring with accuracy and build a very easy way for them to improve and get more healthy. The built-in bluetooth has been mainly adopted to pair the watch with other BT biometric measurement devices such as blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen or fat scale monitors. Just to give you an insight, Guidertech has already made it easy for your as 12 different equipment brands can work and be paired so far, with a total of 15 devices. This enables the user to get an easy reading and keep track of their health anytime. Those can be also accessed by physicians or care givers.
  2. The daily life improving feature of the watch is mainly working through a third party tag, which is not bigger than a 1$ coin and built-in Bluetooth. After having paired it with the watch, it can be attached to a purse, keys, smartphone or any valuable thing. This little device will be a life saver as it will alert you on the watch via vibration that your things are getting away. Various tags can be used at the same time monitoring different things.

This angelhealth smartwatch carries a very high end technology. First it is using the Android platform and a very low power consuming CPU. An impressive Lithium battery of 410mAh is added up to that.

Guidertech’s CEO Ricky Hsu explained that the watch is not only equipped with a sleek LG touch screen IPS 240x240 display, but can also last up to an amazing 12 days on one a single charge. Of course it is a big selling point when compared to the 10hours battery life announced by Samsung for its Galaxy Gear.

When coming to the specs, angelhealth is featuring Wifi, Bluetooth 3.0, G-sensor & gyroscope and adopted Android 4.1.

Three buttons are showing on the right hand side of the device, a power on/off button, a home button and the last one kept for a customizable function button.

It is great to have a very intelligent smartwatch but it is even better if the look of it can also be customizable. The company said watch will be coming in different colors but also provide a various selection of wristbands for the user to pick from. This will make it the most accomplished and fashion smartwatch on the market so far.

The brand new smartwatch was not the only product announced by Guidertech during the conference, they introduced a total of four new products and a full on-demand cloud platform.

The first one is focused on senior care and safety, angel care is a smartwatch designed for elderly people. It is coming with a built-in cell phone, positioning via both GPS and wifi, health management services enabled through various sensors. Angel care is by far the best companion for seniors.

The second is said to be the world’s smallest GPS tracker carrying both GPS and GSM systems for the most accurate positioning, it is named angel baby. Very easy to use and charge via its dock, you will never lose your loved ones anymore. Guidertech made the cover easy to switch and personalize again so it can suit anyone. The battery is said to last up to 8 days and it is fully waterproof (IP67).

An App has been designed to work with the device and let you check on your loved ones anywhere and practically anytime. That is a peace of mind when you know that you can always be alerted whenever your kids, your pet, or any one around need assistance and this of course without having to do anything but just carrying your smartphone (web based version is also available).

The last one is called angel lite and it is one of the smallest and lightest phone ever weighting only 40g. It has been made convenient to use for people with a one push button for emergency call, one push button for biometric measurement or even positioning. It has its own application so family members can always check on the carrier. It brings a certain form of health monitoring for seniors and call filtered functionality for parents wanting to check on their kids while going to school.

Guidertech really came out of the crowd throwing out this press conference. They had even invited three important guests for this special event :

The chief secretary of the Industrial Development Bureau.

Government secretary of the Department of Economic Development.

The well-known EMBA professor Lu Xi Peng.

Guidertech was very generous organizing a small donation and offered 50 angel care to Hua Shan charity foundation.

They succeeded to bring innovation and good initiatives at the same time.

If you want to get more details, please visit their website !

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