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Accell's UltraVideo HDMI to VGA Adapter Review Featured

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The Accell UltraVideo HDMI to VGA Adapter -
The Accell UltraVideo HDMI to VGA adapter is a fairly small and simple device. You connect one end to the VGA port on your monitor and the other to the HDMI port on your tablet or computer. It does require power, but thankfully it can be powered via USB or wall power. Accell has included a power pack that for this so there is no worries there.

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In keeping with our normal methods we quickly took the Accell adapter apart to see what was on the inside. It was surprisingly easy to take apart. Once we had the end cap off (which we were able to remove by hand without any tools) everything else just slid apart.

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Under the plastic outer shell there is a shielded PCB that has all of the hardware to make the transition from HDMI to VGA. Inside we found an iTE IT6604E single link HDMI 1.4a receiver with HDCP 1.4 and 3D support. This was an interesting choice considering that only the HDMI video input is needed. We suspect that the 6604E was used simply to make sure that there was support for HDMI 1.4a as well as HDCP (High Definition Content Protection). On the other side we found another iTE IC in the form of an IT6902E which is a VGA Triple DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). Also thrown in for good measure is a Texas Instrument PQ19-15 7 channel ESD chip to prevent damage from accidental unplugging.

There are more components on the PCB, but they were too common to get a good identity on them and one had no markings at all. In all the UltraVideo adapter appears to be a well put together device.

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