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Amazon: Our Kindle is better!

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Amazon has decided to use their position as the world's largest on-line store, in an effort to draw attention to their device, or better yet, to dissuade people from the competition. Thus visitors to their home page are treated to a very "subtle" statement that the Kindle Fire HD offers "a lot more for a lot less money." The screenshot of Amazon's Web site makes it all clear. Kindle's manufacturer points out that Fire HD has an HD screen with 30% more pixels than the iPad mini and also higher pixel density (216 to 163 PPI).

Amazon says this allows a better viewing experience while watching high-definition movies and television (they are probably trying to promote their own content) unlike the iPad Mini that fails to deliver the same. The Fire HD also has dual stereo speakers unlike the mono speaker in the iPad mini, and has an ultra-fast wireless connection. Added to this, it costs $120 less (actually $105 less if you do not want to watch commercials on the screensaver); done deal.
kindle vs ipad
On the other hand, Amazon has "forgotten" that iPad Mini still has a marginally larger screen, that it is one hundred grams lighter which makes it almost half a centimeter thinner. The iPad Mini also has two cameras (rear 5-megapixel capable of shooting 1080p video and 1.2-megapixel front that captures 720p video). This move shows that they are still a little worried about the competition, or that they want to cater to potential customers in order to detract them from Apple's toddler. Will Apple respond to this, or will they just ignore it and take it as a sign that the competition is afraid of them? What do you think? Tell us in our Forum

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