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AMD and GameFly Team up to Offer Discounts to AMD Customers

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i_heart_apu_stackedIt looks like AMD is putting some of the money they have been working to reclaim to good use (although we are not sure if this is the best time to do it). To help raise sales numbers of their APUs they have signed a deal with GameFly which gives a 30-day free membership and 20% of purchases. The move is a pretty smart one as we imagine the costs involved for AMD are small while the benefit could be pretty big especially in the mobile gaming arena.

We have told you before that AMD has been pushing their mobile and low-power platform with a fair amount of success. This is mostly due to the superior graphics performance on their Llano and now Trinity APUs. So for the mobile mainstream gamer that does not want to spend a ton of money both Llano and Trinity look like amazing deals.

There is a dark side to this though. Llano had issues when it came to number crunching and like many AMD CPUs it was not the most efficient when it came to memory usage. AMD claims to have taken care of this with Trinity, but we have not seen the new APU in action so we cannot comment if this is true or not.

Still if looks like AMD could be a nice shot in the arm from this promotion. We already have watched as they have dug into the mid-range of mobile gaming (1366x768 resolution). The promotion is for select AMD A-Series APUs, AMD Athlon II CPUs, AMD Phenom II CPUs or AMD FX Series CPUs and only in regions where GameFly is accessible. It would certainly be worth checking out if you are planning to get a new gaming laptop and do not want to spend a ton of money.

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