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AMD and Nvidia will support Linux

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Support from most popular video card manufacturers for the Linux operating system was often weak and lousy. However, it seems that this will change after Valve announced a new operating system SteamOS based on Steam, the popular digital distribution platform for games.

Companies AMD and Nvidia have said they will release the official drivers for the Linux operating system. AMD has long been active in the open source community, but their drivers for Linux were mostly behind the capabilities and quality as compared to those for Windows. Recent upgrade of AMD drivers for Linux has brought support for dynamic energy management, and initial support for a new generation of GPUs codenamed Sea Islands.

On the other hand, Nvidia is in a strained relationship with the open source community, and the creator Linus Torvalds has even publicly stated their dissatisfaction with their products. Drivers for Nvidia graphics cards are still issued, but closed source is not in the spirit of the Linux community, but that will change because Nvidia has decided to issue an open source drivers for your graphics card and in that way support growing community of players on Linux.

[Ed - We wonder if Microsoft will see the danger and react properly to this , or if they will simply ignore the writing on the wall...]

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