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AMD in Android devices

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Lately, both at Computex, and at E3, AMD demonstrated its efforts to fully dominate the ICT market, especially in terms of hardware designed for gaming computers and consoles. But at yesterday's India Techno Graffiti event they revealed another one of their activities on which we have already heard a lot of rumors, and now is confirmed.

Specifically, the team from portal Fonearena said that during a conversation with AMD they asked their leaders if there is the possibility that their processors will be found in future Android devices, and received a direct answer "yes."

It is known that AMD several years ago received a license for ARM, and all have been waiting very long for their announcement of their entry into the Android market, but until now they have always avoided to give a concrete answer. Unfortunately, the only thing that is still not known is when could some of their processors appear in an Android device, but we believe that they will soon release an official statement about it.

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