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AMD still in financial decline

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As more and more quarterly reports pour in, AMD decided to join with their own, which is not as fantastic as some other have, but it's better than what we have expected from AMD, the eternal loser. Thus, the total loss of the first quarter of this year is $143 million, which is better than the loss in the final quarter of last year ($473 million) and in the same quarter last year, when they amounted to even $590 million.

The best that can be pulled out from these results by some analysts is the hope the company is still not in a total collapse, but may see a possible light at the end of the long tunnel.

AMD is usually in steady decline for almost a decade, so last year they lost a total of more than a billion dollars, surpassing gains of 471 million dollars in the 2010, and 491 million in the 2011. Total losses in the last 15 years are however, $ 7 billion. Maybe the saving grace will be their processors in the new Sony Playstation 4, which could keep investors that could have left by now on stand-by to see how will all this develop in near future.

[Ed - AMD has been having a very rough time since Hector Ruiz was brought on board and ran the company into the ground. At the time AMD was on top of the game and Intel was playing catch up. Unfortunately under Ruiz's leadership several key mistakes were made and AMD has not been able to recover. It became so bad that AMD even lost the edge in performance simply becasue they did not have enough money ti spend on R&D... We do hope that AMD can turn things around at some point, but they really have to start concentrating on the performance market again or things will never change.]


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