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AMD Tahiti Press Event set for December 22nd

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News_RUBY5_lrgNot that long ago we showed you some more information about AMD’s new Tahiti GPU. At the time there were rumors that AMD would have the official launch on or around December 22nd (which is in 3 days). We contacted a few of our sources and they were still saying that the launch was going to be in January (either the 9th or the 12th). We started to dig around, but were not able to get any more information on this so we decided to leave it off as an unconfirmed rumor.

This morning we have some new information though. It does appear that AMD is going to have a press event on the 22nd with Tahiti reviews to be launched at that time as well.  This will give AMD the bragging rights on who launched the first 28nm GPU. Of course it will be a paper launch as their partners will not be able to sell them until January 9th.  

The Tahiti is going to be big news no matter when the event happens as it is a new architecture which AMD claims will be able to process both graphics and compute workloads with equal efficiency. The early predictions are that Tahiti will be between 15-30% faster than Cayman, but we are not sure how these estimates are being arrived at. If they are using raw specs then they still could be very far off as raw spec rarely equal real world performance (just look at Bulldozer).

We fully expect to see some performance numbers “leak” this week in advance of the press event that AMD has scheduled for the 22nd. We have also heard that AMD could be shipping additional sample units to the press in preparation for the launch date which would follow their usual practice 3-5 day testing/ writing time for new GPUs.

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