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Android 4.3 comes to the Samsung Galaxy S4

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A thing that most of the smartphone users love to see just came to Samsung Galaxy S4, of course, we are talking about new version of Android OS. The new update brings, along with corrected bugs, improved stability of the operating system.

Support has been added for GEAR smart watch, OpenGL 3.0 and TRIM. With better colors on the screen, comes improved management of working memory, which should contribute to improving the performance of the system. Upgrade brings new Samsung's keyboard, the new KNOX with new bootloader, Samsung Wallet, furtherly improved and TouchWiz, Web browser, and even the camera got a new firmware.

Upgrade is already available globally and it can be downloaded OTA (Over-The-Air), or if you preder manual installation, it can be done via Samsung Kies application.

[Ed - sadly this does not mean everyone will get it. Most carriers will wait until they have tested it and added in all of their own apps before sending it out... it is one of the big complaints about Android these days.]

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