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Anon goes legal? Well legal action any way... Featured

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73In what is a rather interesting move for the mischievous group known as ANONYMOUS we are hearing they are working to file a real, legal class action law suit against what they are calling “private Federal Reserve Bank and it's shareholders”. Their claim is simple, they are angry that the Fed allowed the toxic debt that were building in 2008 and 2009 (and before when you really get to it) and now want accountability. They are asking everyone to join in for this. They have posted a PR statement and also Youtube video explaining everything. Since a picture is worth a thousand words we will let them speak for themselves but have also posted up their typed PR Statement.


First the Video;

If you are using FireFox 4.0 you might not see the video. This appears to be an issue isolated to FireFox only as it shows on Opera, Safari, Chrome and IE.

And now the PR Statement
Hello American People,

This is a message from Anonymous to you.

We cordially invite any and all, Anonymous and non-anons, to join OpESR in demanding Federal Reserve accountability.

We are crafting a class action lawsuit against the Fed.

Can you provide legal and research support?

Please respond by submitting a pad to one of our *connectors in Anonymous.

If you can help us, get in contact with one of our *connectors by logging into our public chat area at: http://A99.FSS34.COM

This is a class action lawsuit against the private Federal Reserve Bank and it's shareholders.

It falls under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act of 1970 for criminal acts of Fraud, Usury, Conspiracy to commit Grand Larceny and Theft by Deception, and for systematically looting the Treasury of The United States of America for a total that has yet to be determined.

For nearly 100 years, The Federal Reserve Bank has debased and debauched our currency by illegally authorizing an ODIOUS DEBT to be encumbered by our citizens without their knowledge, or in any way for their collective benefit.

The Fed, allowed Banks to defraud the American public, so as to leave them living like refugees in their own land. This ruthless cabal now has the temerity to pass off this ODIOUS DEBT to the American people, thereby destroying not only our future, but Americas' ability to be a free, sovereign nation.

The US Constitution says we have to go against domestic enemies.

The Fed, allowed this crisis to happen, they allowed banks to kick you out of your homes to pay their bills.

The Fed, allowed people to live on the streets, hungry.

And the Fed, got paid for it.

Something is very wrong, don't you think.

So, are you going to stay seated in front of your TV, PC or whatever and let them do whatever they want?



For your children, for your children's children!

Or they are destined to be enslaved by a fraudulent national debt created by the greed of the 1.

So, Anonymous or not, it doesn't matter.

What we ask is that you spread the Truth and take ACTION!





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