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Anti Google Glass glasses

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Japanese scientists Isao Echizen from the National Institute of Informatics and his colleague Seiichi Gohshi from Kogakuin University, believe that the Google Glass and smart surveillance cameras with computer algorithms that allow for face recognition in the future play a major role in the withdrawal of the last havens of our privacy, and therefore began to develop a system that would successfully fight against it last year.

Now they presented the first prototype of the "anti-Google Glass" glasses called Privacy Visor, which prevents the face recognition using a system based on 11 embedded LED lights. LEDs are emitting light in near-infrared region (0.7 μm - 1.4 mil), similar to what is used in night vision goggles, and therefore their glare prevents cameras of smart gadgets and surveillance systems to gain a clear picture of the person wearing them, making recorded picture unusable for analysis by software algorithms for facial recognition.

Since these glasses emit light in specific wavelengths, it is virtually invisible to people who are looking at you, while at the same time can completely "blind" optical sensors camera. As you can see in the picture in the video, this system is perfectly efficient, while they say, at the same time completely innocuous. It should be emphasized that the presented prototype is certainly not something that you would like to wear on your head, but researchers say the system will be accomodated  in the near future within the glasses which will from the outside look just like any other ordinary sunglasses.

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