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Apple buys the most chips, or at least pays the most money for them...

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Apple and Samsung were the world's largest buyers of chips last year among device manufacturers with total revenues exceeding one billion dollars according to data collected by the company IHS. Apple took the first spot with a total consumption of the chips in the amount of 30.3 billion dollars, while Samsung took second place with $20.2 billion spent on chips.

However Samsung has recorded the highest growth among the top 10 companies in the last year, with almost 30% higher consumption than it was in 2012, while Apple's growth was only 17%. The IHS believes that this will be the year when Samsung will record higher growth than its competitors. Behind the leading duo was Hewlett-Packard with consumption of 10.1 billion dollars, followed by Lenovo with 9.2 billion, and Dell with $7.7 billion.

IHS counted only spending on chips from external suppliers, and does not include chips that the company's manufacture within their own facilities.

[Ed - The interesting thing here is that the data suggests that each of these companies pays the same for their processors. We know that this is simply not a true statement based on the way business is done. This could mean that while Apple has dumped more money into their chips, they could have bought less than others on the list. Unless we know the raw number of units purchased, or the cost per unit paid by each comapny there is no way to use this to claim how buys more... instead it is simply: who spent more.]

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