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Apple Launches ChatGPT app Wile Banning it from Use by Employees

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After learning that there were malicious ads containing links to ChatGPT apps (for Windows), Apple launched a legitimate app for IOS. The app brings the very popular LLM to Apple users at a time when some are becoming more hesitant about its use. It has not been that long since Samsung accidentally leaked confidential information via the platform. This prompted both Microsoft (a heavy investor) and OpenAI themselves to start work on private environments where data put into the model is not used to train it.

What is interesting about the timing of the app launch is that it not only coincides with the discovery of malicious attempts to get people to download malware disguised as a ChatGPT app. It also happens to be at a time when Apple has announced heavy restrictions on the use of ChatGPT for employees for fear of data leaks. The ban is not limited to just ChatGPT, but also to GitHub’s Copilot and more.

The ban also comes at a time when Apple is working on their own LLM and just announced a new feature called Personal Voice which uses AI to make a voice clone of a person and can play this voice back via phone call, Face Time or other means.

Apple is not the only business to shy away from allowing the use of LLMs at work. Other organizations have also realized the potential risks and blocked use of LLMs and other AI tools. It really shows some of the disconnect between businesses and consumers. The same businesses that block tools like ChatGPT are building their own that do the same things and learn the same way. They want to use your information and data, while making sure their data is secure. This train of thought shows just how true the “you are the product” statement is.

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