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Apple to invest in superior lasers and robots

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The world's richest company, Apple, will part of its more than 147 billion of cash in the account invest in the development of the manufacturing process. According to Bloomberg, the company will allocate as much as 10.5 billion dollars on "lasers and robots", in other words the most modern production equipment for their factories.

It is known that Apple in the production of their devices uses the latest technical developments and technologies that other competitors do not use, such as lasers to create a unibody MacBook casing, special metal processing for the iPhone and iPad, a unique plastic polishing for iPhone 5C, and some other stuff.

This investment could also mean that the company is preparing for a new production cycle, and possibly the development and production of new products. Ordered equipment and machines are unique and specially designed for Apple. Usually these high-precision machines are commonly used in military or aerospace industry.

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Last modified on 13 November 2013
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