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Asus Padfone Battery Life Information Surfaces, Still No Sign of the Padfone in Shops

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Padfone-01For those of you that are pinning for the Asus Padfone (we know we are) there is some good news (well sort of). Since it was first shown off at CES 2010 (in render form) there has been talk about battery life. Now that we have seen what devices like the Transformer and Transformer prime can do there has been even more speculation on the topic. Well is seems that Asus decided to let Engadget in on some battery performance numbers.

As with any mobile device we take the battery performance with a grain of salt. This is because 90% of the battery tests are done in perfect conditions. This means the screen turned down to its minimum brightness, no WiFi or 3G and in some pretty cold temps. This is why you see battery life of 10 hours advertised but you end up only getting 4.

Asus decided (most likely to maintain interest) to do this the other way around. They did reduce the screen to roughly 50% of its brightness, but then ran their test once with WiFi on and once with 3G on. They during these tests they had continuous web browsing going on to make sure the SoC was running.

The times fell as follows
For WiFi
Phone only 2.6 Hours
Tablet 10.7 Hours
Laptop Mode (with battery/keyboard dock) 17 Hours

For 3G
Phone only 2.1 Hours
Tablet 8.9 Hours
Laptop Mode 14.1 Hours

These are pretty impressive numbers and, as we mentioned, not the normal way things are done when talking battery life. We would still love to see what this can do when watching a video (over Netflix for example), gaming, and productivity. In the meantime there is still no word on when we might actually see these hit carriers in the US or anywhere else in the world. We have sent our pretty-please email to Asus so we are hoping to review this for you in the future.

We will keep you up to date on any more information we can get from Asus (or anywhere else) on the Padfone.

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