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Asus Titan breaks world records

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Asus Titan

Asus likes to boast with speed records they achieve with their own computer components. The latest of them relates to the company's version of the monstrous GeForce GTX Titan, the most powerful graphics card with one GPU that money can currently buy.

In concrete numbers, in 3DMark 11 they achieved 36,658 points in the test Entry, 37263 points in the test Performance and 22076 points in the Extreme test. They took a spin in the new 3DMark and also broke the world record - in the test Fire Strike their Titan achieved 21818 points.

The world record in 3DMark 11 was broken by Andre Yang, professional overclocker from Asus team Republic of Gamers (ROG). He used four Titan cards in SLI configuration, and cooled them with liquid nitrogen. In the record breaking in the new 3DMark his teammate Shamino gave a hand, and they used two Titan’s in SLI. Why two and not four for testing in 3DMark 11? Probably because they managed to overclock those two Titan’s so that they got a better score than with four cards at lower operating speeds.T he rest of the configuration consisted of an Intel Core i7-3970X, overclockers motherboards Asus Rampage IV Extreme and 8 GB of RAM.

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