Saturday25 March 2023

Big profit decline at Dell

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Dell has released a quarterly report that could be the last one published by them as a company listed on the stock exchange. Although revenues in the second quarter of this year were still somewhat higher than expected and amounted to 14.5 billion USD, what is worrying is the decline in earnings by as much as 72%.


Most profits were lost in the PC segment, which brings them revenue of 9.5 billion and rapidly falling profits. On services and professional solutions Dell recorded revenue growth of 1%, but this could not compensate for the losses incurred on the PC and software market. Given these bad indicators, explanation by Michale Dell who says he wants to privatize the company in order to return to her old paths of glory without the constant pressure of shareholders and the public seems logical.

 Also, this data indicate that the planned diversion of focus from personal computers to still profitable professional software solutions is a possible path to recovery for this giant.

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