Friday12 August 2022

Bioshock 2 moves to Steam

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After the Games For Windows LIVE Marketplace was closed in August, many titles were left without adequate support, including BioShock 2. Therefore, the developers made some changes over the past few months and from yesterday BioShock 2 is available through Steam, including all content related to multiplayer and DLC Protector Trials.

In an accompanying press release it is stated that BioShock 2 is coming to Steam with full support for all the possibilities that this platform offers, including compatibility for controllers, achievements and Steam Big Picture, and searching for multiplayer matches is apparently much easier.

For the purpose of promotion, BioShock 2 is currently offered at a 50 percent discount, and those that have previously purchased it through other channels, can simply enter it into steam and add it to existing collection of games.

[Ed - If anyone is surprised by this they are not living in reality. As we said when Microsoft started moving in this direction; if the consumer does not adopt the new ecosystem the developers and other partners will move to systems that will maintain the same or better return on investment. Microsoft's "if we build it they will come" attitude is still hurting them.]

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