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Black Mesa Half Life Mod Set to Launch on September 14th, Get Your Crowbars Ready...

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Almost 14 years ago the gaming world was introduced to a new hero. He was not a former covert agent, Special Forces operative or even an ex-cop with an attitude. Instead he was a Doctor of Theoretical Physics from MIT who was in the probationary period of this job. This hero’s name was Gordon Freeman.  Freeman had just been hired at a highly secret government research facility called Black Mesa and despite his advanced degree was only being used to perform menial tasks. After surviving an catastrophic accident (the resonance cascade) he has to put his brains to use in not only finding a way out the quickly deteriorating Black Mesa, but in closing a portal that he helped to open which was allowing alien monsters to spill out onto earth. This sums up the amazing game that we all know as Half Life.

At the time there was nothing like the story, hero or events that took place in Half Life. There were other first person shooter games, but for the most part they were exceptionally short and very linear; enter room, kill bad guys, move to nest room, and repeat. In playing Half Life you find that you have puzzles, obstacles, enemies that fight as a team, and in some cases you get all of these at once. It had enough of an impact that people simply want more of Gordon Freeman. Sadly, Valve has not released a new version of Half Life in over 5 years. This has left many Half Life fans wanting and more than a little annoyed at Valve for the many hints and teases about Gordon Freeman’s future.

Still the very loyal game modding community has been very busy to at least try and give something back to the many loyal fans of Half Life, Freeman and Black Mesa. One of these, Black Mesa Source, has announced that they will be releasing a mod of the original Half Life game to bring it into the modern world. According to a post on their website the new mod (titled Black Mesa) “will include our re-envisioning of Half-Life all the way up to Lambda Core. We believe this is a great way to provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience with a solid ending, make our fans happy and help us make the best overall game possible.” The down side of all of this is that the final levels where Freeman travels to Xen to kill the head bad-guy and close the portal will not be ready on the launch date. Black Mesa Source says they need more time to get that part of the game right.

Still to give something to the gaming community the majority of the new mod will be released on September 14th. We are sure that it will be a popular one, if you are a fan of Gordon Freeman, Black Mesa or simply like a good game you will want to be ready to grab this one as soon as it is available. I know that we will be reinstalling and playing the original Half Life in preparation and to see just how much has changed between 1998 and now. We just hope that this will be enough to hold us over until Valve does release a new chapter in the Half Life Series...

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