Thursday30 March 2023

Blizzard prepares new project, codename Overwatch

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Blizzard has recently protect copyrights on a mysterious new project under the working title Overwatch. In addition, they began to search for new employees who would join the team in charge of the development of their new titles.

According to the WoW Insider, Blizzard's development team responsible for Overwatch could be led by Mike Booth, a former head of development house Turtle Rock, known for FPS Left4Dead. He should be joined by Jay Wilson, director of Diablo 3. However there is still so many many details about Overwatch no one yet knowns.

In addition to the mysterious new project, Blizzard will continue to work on the ambitious MMORPG in the work called Titan. Furthermore, they have to prepare and Warlords of Draenor and Legacy of the Void, which are two new expansion for World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2, and MOBA title Heroes of the Storm.

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