Monday15 August 2022

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to Have Photorealistic Visuals and not just in the Cut Scenes

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Back when I first started writing about the computer industry the term photorealistic was thrown around a lot whenever a new game was about to hit the market. Bear in mind that this was back when 800x600 was considered a pretty good resolution and 1600x1200 was what everyone dreamed of. Still that term was out there despite the simple truth that it was not really obtainable with the hardware and software that existed for the consumer market.

Today with 4k becoming more and more common the term actually has some validity to it. So what should we make of claims that Call of Duty: Advance Warfare will feature photorealistic visuals? This is what Sledgehammer Games is stating right now as they try to build up interest in the next installment in the CoD franchise. If you take a quote from art Direct Joe Salud, “The first thing the gamer's going to notice when they see our facial performances, they're going to wonder, like 'It looks like it's on TV!' And then they're going to realize, ‘Oh my god, that's a game.’”, and then break it apart you might think this is just the cut scenes… the good news is that this is not the case.

According to some information that has been floating around Sledgehammer has been using motion capture technology to create more animated and articulate in-game characters. The use of this kind of technology should make the character graphics much more fluid instead of the awkward and clunky ones we are used to in most games. If they are able to get this working it could be quite a boost to games in general as this is one area that almost every game needs help in. You can have all the HDR, reflections, dynamic shadows, glare and particle effects you want, but if the “bad” guys you are fighting look like automatons, it is kind of a letdown.

We truly hope that Sledgehammer really can bring this to the game-play part and are not just talking about advanced cut-scenes as it will be quite a game changer. Right now you can expect CoD: Advanced Warfare around November 4th for all of your favorite platforms.

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