Wednesday29 March 2023

Centurion for the enthusiast

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Apart from the evolution of the APU model, AMD could aslo have exclusive edition of FX chip for enthusiasts in preparation. According to unofficial information, the company is preparing a limited series of processors based on Vishera design or model FX-8350.

Processor is reportedly carrying appropriate codename Centurion and should compete in both performance and price of Intel's top of the range models, even those for the LGA2011 socket. Standard edition of the FX8350 works on 4.2 GHz, while the Centurion should work stably clocked at 5 GHz on all eight cores but will need the use of air cooling.

Cooling in this case will certainly must be performed by a massive and high quality air cooler, and it is advisable to ensure the quality and other components such as power supply and motherboard. The same source said the price of the Centurion will be hefty $795, but the high price should be justified by the performance and exclusivity - the chip will be available in a very limited number of copies, similar like TWKR models from era of Phenom II.

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