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Cheap Ivy Bridge processors have arrived

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Intel has released less expensive Ivy Bridge processors while lowering the price on older Sandy Bridge CPU’s. When the first Ivy Bridge processors came out prices were in mid and high end segment. Now Intel has finally released their budget editions. These are represented by the Core i3 and Pentium CPUs based on the 22nm architecture. They will fill the gaps that currently exist in the low end market. The cheapest is the Pentium G2100T with an OEM price of just $75 (in 1,000 unit lots). It will run at 2.6GHz with only 35Watts of power consumption. The G2100T is followed by the G2120 model that offers two cores running at 3.1GHz and an OEM price of $75.

Intel also released a bunch of Core i3s; starting at the top (the most expensive) you have the Core i3-3240T clocked at 3.4GHz with a 55W TDP at $150. It is followed by the $117 i3-3220T, running at 2.8 GHz with a 35W TDP. Intel also released the i3-3225 for $134, the i3-3240 for $138, i3-3225, and i3-3220 with prices of $134 and 117$. There is pretty much something for everyone in this launch. All i3 models feature two cores and 3MB of L3 cache, they support HT (hyper-threading), and use HD2500 integrated graphics, only the i3-3225 uses HD 4000. Intel also introduced two new Pentiums based on 32nm technology, G645T with price of $64 and G550T for only $42. Some of the older models (i3-2130, Pentium G870 and G550) had their prices dropped by $20 in the i3’s case and around $10 for the Pentiums.
ivybridge i3
To wrap up this launch Intel released a few new quad-core i5s for the mid-range market segment. These are; the i5-3350P (3.1GHz) and i5-3333S (2.7GHz) models at $177, while the i5-3330 (3GHz) will be $182, and the i5-3335s (2.7GHz) comes with the price of $194. At the very bottom of the low-end segment they added new Celerons the G465 (1.9GHz), for only 37$, G555 (2.7GHz) at $52, and G550T for $42. These are all based on 32nm technology. It seems like Intel certainly did their work and now customers must wait for a week or two for these new processors to become available at all stores. Currently you can buy many of them at Newegg, but the i3-3240T is available only at the OEM. With all these units coming to the shelves you can also expect a small price drop, so if you need a new CPU and you are short on money, this could be the chance for you to boost your PC a little bit.

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