Thursday23 March 2023

China looking to un-ban consoles

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In China, for 12 years now, sales of consoles have been banned. According to local authorities, these devices are intended solely for entertainment and that is corrupting children's health, and therefore they are not desirable. [Ed – sounds like some of the politicians that are in the US…]

However, times are changing, so authorities in China are reportedly considering lifting the ban on production, sale and import of game consoles. An anonymous source close to the Ministry of Culture says that lifting the ban is being taken into consideration, and if the proposal for legalization of game console passes, game console in China would no longer be outlawed. Surveys have already been implemented, and the Ministry of Culture is currently negotiating on this issue with other ministries, the source said.

Following the announcement of this news shares of Sony and Nintendo have risen by 9.1%, or 3.4%. Manufacturers of consoles see huge potential in the Chinese market, and there is no reason why they should not.

[Ed – the lifting of the ban on console gaming would be an interesting turn of events in China and a boon for companies like Sony, Nintendo and even Microsoft as the market is fairly saturated elsewhere…]

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