Wednesday07 December 2022

Concrete iPhone

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Ever since Apple released its first iPhone, the market for various supplements for the same is increasing. And within those accessories you will always find a fast selection of screen and damage protectors.


After plastic, silicon, aluminum, carbon fiber, the time has come for a material that we only saw before at the street, and it is concrete. The idea came from Koreans and as it turns out, there is quite a lot  people interested in this type of product. Currently, the skin is made for iPhone 5. Since it looks very similar to the moon's surface, it was named Luna Concrete. Developers claim that there are no two same skins, because during the creation every individual piece has different skin cracks and holes in it.

Besides looking incredible, thanks to the strength of concrete it will protect your iPhone from the many things you usually expose him to. Unlike other protections that eventually look worn out, with the additional holes and cracks this one will only look more attractive and unique. It is expected to hit the markets before the end of July, so be prepared to get yours soon.

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