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CyberPowerPC Debuts 2-in-1 Gaming & Streaming PCs, 34-inch Curved Screen AIO, SK-X Notebooks at CES 2016

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 6-9, 2016) – CyberPower Inc.,, a global manufacturer of custom gaming PCs, gaming laptops, and performance workstations, will unveil some PC gaming eye candy when it debuts a new series of 2-in-1 gaming & streaming PCs, a 34-inch curved screen All-In-One, a new line of gaming laptops, and several gaming PC series that are “VR Ready” at CES 2016.

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GIGABYTE introduces the all-new P57 laptop along with its full Skylake lineup at CES 2016

The highly anticipated GIGABYTE Skylake laptop lineup was announced at the CES 2016 exhibition including the all-new P57 and its exciting new anti-ghosting 30-key rollover keyboard, as well as its swappable bay. GIGABYTE offers a variety of options based on preference while providing GTX graphics, the latest 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor, and industry leading Skylake features: M.2 PCIe SSD storage with PCI-Express 3.0 x4, providing a read speed of 2000 MB/s; long-anticipated DDR4 memory, providing faster frequency at a lower power demand; USB 3.1 with Type-C connection redefining the standard for data transfer and I/O connectivity. And finally, upgraded HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, that allows 4K display output at a 60Hz refresh rate, providing a massive upgrade in the user experience. The entire GIGABYTE gaming laptop range now includes a 3-month premium license of XSplit Gamecaster for each laptop, giving users the ability to share their games with the world.

iConnect has a Lightning interface that can be plugged into an Apple device directly – Now available in the U.S.

September 2nd, 2015 - Taipei, TaiwanFoxlink, PQI, the world’s leading brand in peripheral storage accessories for portable devices is proud to announce the ultimate storage solution, the iConnect. It seems that almost everyone eventually runs out of space on their iPhone, iPad or iPod, whilst there are multiple ways to solve this problem, there’s nothing better than simply having more space. The iConnect is an Apple certified Lightning interface flash drive that can be plugged directly into an iOS device to store photos, music, movies and to back up contacts. With the iConnect, you will no longer have to go through your phone deleting old memories or trying to figure out which app you can live without. Available in the U.S. this September, the iConnect will give you enough space so you never miss the next photo or video opportunity.

New Trustwave Security Intelligence Dashboard Bolsters Enterprise Visibility into Threats and Vulnerabilities

Enhancements to the TrustKeeper Managed Security Services Portal Benefits Everyone from the CISO to Local IT Managers across Distributed Enterprises

CHICAGO – July 9, 2015 – Trustwave® today announced a major enhancement to the company’s managed security services portal designed to give distributed, complex enterprises more actionable threat intelligence so they can better detect and protect themselves from security incidents, vulnerabilities and data breaches.

Available as part of the Trustwave TrustKeeper® managed security services portal, Trustwave Enterprise View brings order to the multitude of data inputs that make up today’s modern security reality. It gives security teams better visibility into areas not normally covered by security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. With Trustwave Enterprise View, everyone from the CISO to the local IT manager in an organization benefits from customized views designed specifically for their role in the organization. Roles include:

  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) -- CISOs need a broad view of the overall organization to be able to report on vulnerability scanning and remediation. With Enterprise View, CISOs can now view vulnerability scan results as well as the historical trend of vulnerability remediation. It also allows CISOs to drill down in greater detail on specific business locations or vulnerabilities.
  • Regional Information Technology Teams – At the regional level, understanding how each region is doing and the ability to focus on individual regions is critical. A Regional Director can use Enterprise View to measure new regions as they come online, and identify whether they are meeting corporate security and performance metrics.
  • Local Information Technology (IT) Teams – Local IT managers, who can have hundreds of devices to manage, now have visibility into device scan status so they can ensure identified vulnerabilities are remediated as soon as possible. Enterprise View allows local IT managers to easily maintain visibility into all tickets relevant to their piece of the larger organization, track their progress and manage the overall volume against corporate security metrics.

“With Enterprise View, Trustwave offers increased visibility to help enterprises address their security challenges across their distributed organization whether it’s around the block or around the world,” said John Amaral, senior vice president of Product Management at Trustwave. “Contextualized visibility into areas like support tickets and their response and resolution time, overall device availability, recent vulnerability scan results, and many more security-critical metrics are just the beginning of what makes Trustwave Enterprise View an indispensable part of an organization’s security infrastructure.”

With more than 25 data sources to choose from, seven different overview panels, and distinct views into devices, incidents and data sources, Trustwave Enterprise View allows for the creation of the customized security business intelligence dashboards each role requires. With data that maps to organizational hierarchies, staff can see exactly what they need and drill down to the details. Hierarchies relate to information across the organization and multiple security applications – facilitating more rapid decision making. Access can be limited to specific locations within the Enterprise View hierarchy, so that IT pros can focus on their areas of control. From CISOs to local IT managers, Trustwave Enterprise View provides the visibility required to stay ahead of today’s security challenges.

Trustwave TrustKeeper is more than just an intuitive, easy-to-use portal that offers unique visibility into and control of information security. Behind the scenes, TrustKeeper is Trustwave’s cloud-based gateway to a powerful technology platform that unifies the company’s on demand threat, vulnerability and compliance management services.

Learn more about Trustwave TrustKeeper managed security services portal, including the new Enterprise View application, at:

About Trustwave

Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk. With cloud and managed security services, integrated technologies and a team of security experts, ethical hackers and researchers, Trustwave enables businesses to transform the way they manage their information security and compliance programs. More than three million businesses are enrolled in the Trustwave TrustKeeper® cloud platform, through which Trustwave delivers automated, efficient and cost-effective threat, vulnerability and compliance management. Trustwave is headquartered in Chicago, with customers in 96 countries. For more information about Trustwave, visit


Follow Trustwave on Twitter at, on LinkedIn at, and on Facebook at All trademarks used herein remain the property of their respective owners. Their use does not indicate or imply a relationship between Trustwave and the owners of such trademarks.

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My Tire Exploded on the Freeway! Then My Car Tells Me the Tire’s Low?

We adore our cars and we love that the technology they come equipped with are put there to ensure our safety and that our car operates at an optimal level. Everyone knows that when our car is running at its’ peak performance we save. We save gas as well as our personal selves from possible harm, and we save on insurance. Yet we still see tire blowouts on the side of the road almost every day. Why? If our cars come fully loaded with warning systems, like Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) that prevent our tires from coming to dangerously low levels before we add air and prevent those scary blowouts, then please explain why that light goes on right before or after that blowout occurs. Are the concepts there but the failure to launch at the necessary moment inhibiting our safety when it comes to tire pressure?

Before 2008 all cars had to manually get checked for correct tire pressure. I remember my Grandfather and Uncle having those tire pressure monitors lying around their workshop or in their toolbox. I played with them all the time and I even knew that they had something to do with the tires. Since then I have never used one again. Oftentimes we overlook the need to check our tire pressure especially when our cars have internal sensors that gauge that stuff for us. We all know we are supposed to, but we don’t. We want everything in our lives to be easier and we definitely DO NOT want any car problems, but we are usually too busy to actually do something about it until it’s too late. Over 25% of cars on the road are driving with tires that are underinflated. Please refer here:

With the PAPAGO! GoSafe TPMS 500BT you now have the power to check your tire pressure as much as you would like, or every two weeks like you are supposed to. Easy to install, this device will ensure that you are driving your car with optimal tire pressure and keeping you safer on the road. Simply take out your smart mobile device open the APP, GoSafe TPMS, that comes with the device and inspect the accurate status of your tire pressure. The package comes with four A-Type sensors, a receiver, anti-theft wrench, anti-theft nuts, cigarette lighter power plug, Velcro, 3V lithium batteries, and user manual.


Once the sensors and receiver are installed and the APP is downloaded for your Android or IOS device, you will automatically get alerted, via Bluetooth Technology, on your smart mobile device when your tire reaches the level of PSI that you set in the APP (we recommend that you get specific tire pressure values for the tires on your car). The High Precision Electronic pressure detection is much more accurate than your car’s TPMS or traditional tire gauge tools, with a degree pressure of ±1 PSI. The GoSafe TPMS APP will warn you when your batteries are low or when one of the sensors is not detected. The sensors come complete with anti-theft designed nuts that prevent them from getting stolen and to make certain they stay put when driving on rough roads.

PAPAGO! has decided that keeping people safe on the road is the main purpose that many of their products should and do possess. Researching and designing technological devices that support this goal is something they do well. With their newest product, the GoSafe TPMS 500BT, to hit the North American market, PAPAGO! is sure to become a household name. When drivers everywhere think of what device they need in their car to remain safer and better equipped while driving on those treacherous roads and freeways PAPAGO! is sure to come to mind.

Commandos and Cossacks stand side by side in The Battleground Bundle, a collection of popular PC strategy games with a retro flavour. For a limited time, this Windows-only bundle makes eight action-packed Steam games available for just $3.99. Thanks to leading digital retailer Bundle Stars (, gamers save a massive 90% off the normal retail prices of the individual games.

The critically acclaimed Commandos is a stealth-oriented real-time tactics game series created by Spanish developer Pyro Studios. Set during World War Two, the games follow a unit of British Commandos who are sent behind enemy lines. The player must lead their crack team of elite troopers throughout 20 hazardous, action-packed missions, and bring them back alive.

Included in this bundle are:

  • Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
  • Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty
  • Commandos 2: Men of Courage
  • Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
  • Cossacks: The Art of War
  • Cossacks: Back To War
  • Cossacks II: Battle for Europe
  • American Conquest: Fight Back

The award-winning Cossacks series of games was developed by Ukrainian developer GSC Game World, makers of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. first person shooters. Cossacks is set in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. Players must avoid famine and engage in army expansion, building construction and resource gathering, with massive numbers of units at their control.

The bundle also includes these GSC World games:

In all, The Battleground Bundle provides gamers with 8 individual serial keys which can be redeemed free of charge on Steam ( The Battleground Bundle is available exclusively from along with even more awesome Steam bundles.

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 16:51

Inteliscope to Suspend Shipments to Russia

Inteliscope to Suspend Shipments to Russia

Effective immediately, Inteliscope LLC has decided to refuse all future sales of Inteliscope smartphone-rifle-adapters to Russia and intends to maintain this policy until Ukraine is no longer illegally occupied by Russian troops.

Ukraine has demonstrated interest in joining the European Union. The Ukrainian people should be respected and have the right to democratically decide what is best for their country without dictatorial influences from Vladimir Putin. Furthermore, it is my opinion that this is likely an unpopular move amongst the majority of the Russian people. My hope is that pressure from companies like Inteliscope may climb the chain of influence among the Russian people and affect the choices of the Russian government.

We have recently been growing sales in Russia. The sales and relationships we have garnered with the Russian people are extremely important to us but we feel that we cannot, in good conscience, sell products that may be used against the Unites States or its allies.

As a very small Unites States business recently founded in May of 2013 we feel that this is the only step we can take to influence the Russian attitude toward Vladimir Putin’s choice to invade the sovereign country of Ukraine.

We encourage other companies in the Unites States and abroad to adopt similar policies. Together we can make our voices heard.

Thanks for your time.


Jason Giddings

Inteliscope LLC is a business entity established by Jason Giddings to bring to market the Inteliscope tactical firearm mount and smartphone device apps. The Inteliscope products are designed and assembled in North Idaho. The Inteliscope adapter may be purchased online at or from one of over 600 dealers worldwide. Inteliscope specializes in tactical firearm accessories using state-of-the-art mobile electronics technology. For more information, visit

TRENDnet® Launches HomePlug AV2 Powerline Adapters

TORRANCE, Calif. - Feb. 6, 2014 - TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, today announces the availability of two new HomePlug AV2 Powerline solutions — the Powerline 500 AV2 Adapter Kit (model TPL-408E2K) and Powerline 500 AV2 Adapter (model TPL-408E).

Powerline 500 AV2 Adapter Kit

  • Includes two TPL-408E adapters
  • 500 Mbps Powerline networking (PHY rate of 600 Mbps)
  • Up to double the real life performance as compared to first generation Powerline 500 adapters
  • TRENDnet adapters auto-connect out of the box
  • Pre-encrypted for your security
  • High performance Gigabit port
  • Power Save mode reduces electrical consumption by 80%

Video tour:

Product page:
Product images:
TPL-408E2K Warranty: 3 year limited
TPL-408E2K Availability: Currently available from retailers and other TRENDnet partners
TPL-408E2K MSRP: $104.99

Powerline 500 AV2 Adapter

  • Includes one TPL-408E adapter

Video tour:

Product page:
Product images:
TPL-408E Warranty: 3 year limited
TPL-408E Availability: Currently available from retailers and other TRENDnet partners
TPL-408E MSRP: $59.99

A local Taiwanese company is really not falling behind, launching the world’s first smartwatch totally made of stainless steel and connected to a cloud platform.

This September is the month when all technologic companies release their new products, it is also the month when all interests are focused on “smartwatch” like the hottest topic of the moment. Samsung with its Galaxy GEAR watch is not the only one, we have seen Sony releasing their new smartwatch 2, all the other big players are trying to get into this new trend one after another. Taiwan of course is not absent of this brand new race, Guidertech has been for a long time focused on the care of senior people. Today on September 6th at the Sheraton hotel in Taipei, Guidertech has released a brand new smartwatch called angelhealth. This watch is not only targeting the general consumer market with its notification feature available through connection to smartphones, it is really getting out of the crowd for its different positioning.

First of all, the watch is made of a full stainless steel body, very similar to all major Swiss watches. This design makes it very different from the other smartwatches on the market and gives it a particular positioning.

Three main functionalities for this angelhealth starting with the notification feature and messages pushed on the screen (touch panel). The second one is a health center and the third is a daily life improving feature.

1. The notification feature not only lets you see incoming calls, text message, but also notifications from your social networking applications such as Facebook, Line, Twitter and all their content.

  1. The Heath center is the main focus and also their core of skills. Of course through the pedometer you can record your distance traveled, your steps taken or the calories that you burned, but you can also record a 24hr overview of your activity, such as your sleep or the total activity one would execute in one day. This feature is made to enhance oneself’s health monitoring with accuracy and build a very easy way for them to improve and get more healthy. The built-in bluetooth has been mainly adopted to pair the watch with other BT biometric measurement devices such as blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen or fat scale monitors. Just to give you an insight, Guidertech has already made it easy for your as 12 different equipment brands can work and be paired so far, with a total of 15 devices. This enables the user to get an easy reading and keep track of their health anytime. Those can be also accessed by physicians or care givers.
  2. The daily life improving feature of the watch is mainly working through a third party tag, which is not bigger than a 1$ coin and built-in Bluetooth. After having paired it with the watch, it can be attached to a purse, keys, smartphone or any valuable thing. This little device will be a life saver as it will alert you on the watch via vibration that your things are getting away. Various tags can be used at the same time monitoring different things.

This angelhealth smartwatch carries a very high end technology. First it is using the Android platform and a very low power consuming CPU. An impressive Lithium battery of 410mAh is added up to that.

Guidertech’s CEO Ricky Hsu explained that the watch is not only equipped with a sleek LG touch screen IPS 240x240 display, but can also last up to an amazing 12 days on one a single charge. Of course it is a big selling point when compared to the 10hours battery life announced by Samsung for its Galaxy Gear.

When coming to the specs, angelhealth is featuring Wifi, Bluetooth 3.0, G-sensor & gyroscope and adopted Android 4.1.

Three buttons are showing on the right hand side of the device, a power on/off button, a home button and the last one kept for a customizable function button.

It is great to have a very intelligent smartwatch but it is even better if the look of it can also be customizable. The company said watch will be coming in different colors but also provide a various selection of wristbands for the user to pick from. This will make it the most accomplished and fashion smartwatch on the market so far.

The brand new smartwatch was not the only product announced by Guidertech during the conference, they introduced a total of four new products and a full on-demand cloud platform.

The first one is focused on senior care and safety, angel care is a smartwatch designed for elderly people. It is coming with a built-in cell phone, positioning via both GPS and wifi, health management services enabled through various sensors. Angel care is by far the best companion for seniors.

The second is said to be the world’s smallest GPS tracker carrying both GPS and GSM systems for the most accurate positioning, it is named angel baby. Very easy to use and charge via its dock, you will never lose your loved ones anymore. Guidertech made the cover easy to switch and personalize again so it can suit anyone. The battery is said to last up to 8 days and it is fully waterproof (IP67).

An App has been designed to work with the device and let you check on your loved ones anywhere and practically anytime. That is a peace of mind when you know that you can always be alerted whenever your kids, your pet, or any one around need assistance and this of course without having to do anything but just carrying your smartphone (web based version is also available).

The last one is called angel lite and it is one of the smallest and lightest phone ever weighting only 40g. It has been made convenient to use for people with a one push button for emergency call, one push button for biometric measurement or even positioning. It has its own application so family members can always check on the carrier. It brings a certain form of health monitoring for seniors and call filtered functionality for parents wanting to check on their kids while going to school.

Guidertech really came out of the crowd throwing out this press conference. They had even invited three important guests for this special event :

The chief secretary of the Industrial Development Bureau.

Government secretary of the Department of Economic Development.

The well-known EMBA professor Lu Xi Peng.

Guidertech was very generous organizing a small donation and offered 50 angel care to Hua Shan charity foundation.

They succeeded to bring innovation and good initiatives at the same time.

If you want to get more details, please visit their website !

Dead Island™ Riptide – details of pre-order bonuses revealed!
Deep Silver offers “The Survivor Pack” and “Fashion Victim”
as pre-order DLC packs
MARCH 4, 2013 – LARKSPUR, CA  –Deep Silver today revealed more details about the upcoming DLC packs for players pre-ordering Dead Island Riptide, the next installment of the Dead Island franchise.
Pre-order DLC #1: The Survivor Pack
·        A BBQ Blade! This special pre-order pack contains an exclusive weapon only available in the Survivor Pack. How better to dispose of the wretched zombies than with a sharp blade? Add in some workbench-modifying and hook it up to a few fuel tanks to bring some heat to a zombie’s heart. The so-called “BBQ Blade” lets you wade through zombie hordes with ease.
·        The coveted XP/stats booster: Want that extra edge to level up faster than your peers? Here’s your chance to get ahead of the pack.
·        Never get lost - A seamless digital strategy map allows you to track collectibles, keep tabs on your quest progress and flag custom strategies to share with your friends.
·        A special shop! The Survivor Pack will grant you access to a shop offering a special discount on weapons and items. Happy shopping!
The Survivor Pack DLC will be made available to everyone who pre-orders the game before its release in regions where it is available.
Pre-order DLC #2: Fashion Victim
Tired of seeing your character go around wearing the same clothes all the time? The “Fashion Victim” pre-order DLC includes a set of new skins for all the player characters (Logan, Purna, Sam B., Xian Mei, and “the new guy” John Morgan) in co-op mode.
In North America the Fashion Victim DLC will be made available to everyone who pre-orders the game before its release.
Content will be redeemable via download on Xbox LIVE® for versions of the game on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows® PC and via the PlayStation®Store.
These DLC packs are also available for individual purchase with the release of Dead Island Riptide. The Survivor Pack will be available for 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE® for Xbox 360® or for $4.99 on PlayStation®Store and Steam. Become a Fashion Victim for 160 Microsoft Points or for $1.99.
About Dead Island Riptide:
With invigorating new elements infused into a proven mix, Dead Island Riptide will reanimate the zombie terror in the original game. A monsoon has hit the once beautiful archipelago and heavy rainstorms have laid waste to large areas of the islands. The city of Henderson and jungle areas on the island of Palanai were flooded leaving boats as the only remaining way of transportation. Dynamic weather conditions will force the team members to adapt to changing visibility conditions.
A fifth character will join the team, with an all-new and unique skillset. The combined skills of the group will be sorely needed, since terrible, new and unknown zombie mutations have emerged all over the island.
In a new hub defense missions the co-op teamplay skills of the survivors will be tested to the limit – they need to strategically place traps, fences and turrets to fend off oncoming Zombie onslaughts and to protect the humans in these sanctuaries.
New communication features in co-op mode also allow players to enjoy an even more intense and strategic teamplay experience.
Dead Island Riptide will be released on April 23, 2013 in North America for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and for Windows PC.
For more information, visit one of the following official Dead Island sites:
Official Website:
About Deep Silver
Deep Silver develops and publishes interactive games for all platforms, seeking to deliver top-quality products that provide immersive game experiences driven by the desires of the gaming community.  The company has published more than 200 games worldwide since 2003, including the critically-acclaimed, best-selling zombie action game, Dead Island™.  Upcoming titles include the side-scrolling arcade brawler, Sacred™ Citadel, the isometric action RPG, Sacred 3, and the next game in the Dead Island franchise, Dead Island Riptide. The company recently added the Metro franchise to its catalogue and acquired renowned developer Volition with plans to publish future titles in the Saints Row franchise. Deep Silver, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Media, GmbH.  For more information, please visit or follow us on twitter at @deepsilver.
About Techland
Techland is a leading Polish developer, publisher and distributor of PC and console games since 1991. Its proprietary Chrome Engine 5 technology is among the world's most advanced game engines, with full Xbox 360®, PC and PlayStation®3 system compatibility. With a staff of nearly 200 specialists in two development offices in Wroclaw and Warsaw, Techland is committed to delivering top-quality titles for worldwide markets. Currently the company is working on several high-profile titles for consoles and PCs.
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"PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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All product titles, publisher names, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks, registered trademarks and/or copyright material of the respective owners. All rights reserved.
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Dead Island © 2013 by Deep Silver and Techland. All rights reserved.

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