Wednesday06 July 2022

Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer hits the Internet

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introLooks like there will be a Crysis3 and yup, there is footage EA has released an official game trailer for the long awaited game. From what we are hearing you will go back into the Nanosuit as Profit (I could have sworn he died in the last Crysis though…) and are fighting against the evils of the Cell Corporation once more.

The story line (even if somewhat out of sync) puts Profit back in New York where he finds the city covered in a Nanodome. You play the game inside this dome as you fight for the fate of mankind. The game puts you through seven different environments (it is a sandbox style game) where you have to fight your way through the ruins of New York now overgrown and infested with the Ceph.

To help you get through you are given both human and alien weapons including a compound bow (um… not sure where that one came from maybe Turok, but ok.). That is about all we have for you on this one, EA expects to have Cyrsis 3 ready for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 around mid-2013. We are sure that many gamers are going to be waiting for this one.

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