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Crytek Engineer, Tiago Sousa, leaves for id Software and Doom 4

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The next version of Doom will be picking up some new talent to work on it in the form of Crytek Lead R&D Graphics Engineer, Tiago Sousa. In a tweet made over the weekend Sousa says that he will be moving to id Software to work on the new Doom’s game engine idTech 6.

For those of you that might have missed it id showed a teaser for Doom during Quake Con 2014. The teaser was just for attendees with no live stream. According to reports coming out of the show the next installment will be even more violent that past releases (if that is possible). During the demo the main character was shown tearing an arm off of someone to use a biometric lock. All of this as you run through a ruined Martian Union Aerospace Corp building.

The fact that the next Doom will be gruesome, gory and violent it not really that much of a shocker. After all the game was the first of its type in the horror genre and we would all be disappointed if it did not take this to new levels. Bringing someone in like Sousa to add even more to the environment could give the game that extra creepy factor that pushes it to the extreme.

Sousa’s departure from Crytek adds fuel to the rumors that the game company is having monetary issues. Earlier this year an unconfirmed rumor leaked out that Crytek was not able to make payroll for the UK office. Crytek has denied the rumor, of course, but there are still

Sousa might also be seen as a replacement for John Carmack (the creator of the original Doom) who decided to split his time between id and Oculus VR, but not really equally. When Carmack made the announcement he stated that he was not really leaving id, but since that time he has also not contributed much to the company’s movement (according to some information available).

No matter the political and economic movement behind the curtain we all know that Doom 4 will be a game everyone will want to have in their library. The franchise has done well with almost every installment since the first shareware 1.44MB floppies hit the streets. We would expect this next version to have the same effect.

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