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Crytek joining the MOBA genre

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Crytek has finally officially announced its new game Arena of Fate, confirming that at the release will be available for the PC and the next gen consoles. Arena of Fate is a fantasy MOBA (although Crytek describes only multiplayer title) in which two teams of five players compete in the quest for dominance. The game will offer us a number of well-known and popular characters such as Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper and Baron Munchhausen.

"Think of Joan of Arc and Robin Hood cooperating to hunt down Little Red Riding Hood - Would not that be terrific? But besides the game's iconic heroes, which everyone in the team really loves, we are also challenging ourself to carefully craft a streamlined player experience that allows for both greater accesability, and rich, deep, action-packed gameplay."  Said Crytek's Vesselin Handijev adding that he can not wait till summer when the first players will have a chance to participate in the beta for which you can sign up at the link below.

Arena of Fate will be presented in more detail at this year's E3, where the visitors will have a chance to try it. For more information, visit the official website.

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