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Monday, 05 August 2013 21:45

DayZ still not ready for public

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As some of you already know, Bohemia Interactive is working for quite some time on a standalone version of the zombie title Dayz. The title first came to life as a modification for their FPS Arma 2 which caused hysteria among the players and sales of Arma 2 suddenly soared just because Dayz's.

Bohemia Interactive has therefore decided to make a standalone version and for the development of which they hired the autor of the original modification, Dean Hall, and put him in charge of a team. Although it was thought that Dayz will soon be completed, Hall said recently that the first test showed that the alpha version is still not ready to open the doors to the public. According to him, a bunch of items and zombies on maps creates problems for network code and requires more data than it did in Arma 2.

Therefore, the test will remain closed for selected users, because according to Hall there is currently nothing special in the DayZ, in which the players would enjoyed.

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