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Destiny Beta to run at less than 1080p on the Xbox One

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It seems that Microsoft is not getting the love from former Halo developer Bungie. Bungie is working on a new game that is aimed at next generation consoles, but instead of partnering up with their old buddies Microsoft they decided to focus on Sony instead. Bungie even went so far as to start a beta program for PS3 owners early (today 7-17-2014).

Originally Bungie had not indicated a date for an Xbox beta program, but then quickly changed their mind and stated that it would be out on July 23rd. All seemed right in the world for Xbox fans, but there is a new wrinkle in the works. According to Bungie the initial resolution for the beta on Xbox One will not be as good as it should be.

Although the original intention was for all versions of the game (PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and One) to be at the highest resolution supported by the console (1080p) Bungie was not able to meet this in time. This is because originally Microsoft was not going to allow full 1080p for the game. Bungie had to work with them to enable the extra resolution for Destiny. This more than likely prevented the beta from being ready at the intended resolution.

It also explains why Bungie decided to hold off on pushing out a beta for the Xbox One in the first place. So far Sony has seen the most love with an early Alpha for PS4 owners and now a beta for the PS3. Whether this is Bungie’s way of distancing themselves from Microsoft or just them playing to the winning horse we are not entirely sure. Either way the new game should hit the market in September.

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