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Dropbox takes over Snapjoy

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The Snapjoy service allows users to make their photos stored on one service and device such as smartphones and computers available in other places. Specifically, this free service based on cloud technology puts together photos from Instagram, Flickr, Picassa Web albums, computer (either a PC or a Mac) and iPhone. The photos from the combined album then can be shared via email, links and social networks. Now is looks like Dropbox is taking over Snapjoy and could assimilate the service into themselves.

It is interesting that Dropbox and Snapjoy have similar roots. Specifically, both services were advised by the projector Y Combinator, which deals with financing and advising of startup companies and interesting projects.

Although the precise conditions of purchase are not known, Snapjoy’s owner confirmed on his blog that one of the conditions is abolishing the possibility of opening new accounts (which are usually free). Existing users will be able to use the service as before. Dropbox will use Snapjoy service to improve the storage and sharing of images in order to compete with Flickr (Yahoo), Google and Facebook in this segment.

[Ed – In the aftermath of the Instagram scare we are not sure how much longer online picture sharing services will be such a huge hit. Looking through a few Terms and Conditions we found more instances of ambiguous user rights over their uploaded material. We are following up with some to get more information and will hope to have more on the diminishing rights users have when working with cloud services soon…]

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Last modified on Friday, 21 December 2012 22:01
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