Tuesday04 October 2022

Dummy Google Glass available for free in the U.S.

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Google in the United States launched a marketing campaign to popularize Glass smart glasses. All who wish to participate in this unusual test can contact the company on a special phone number and indicate their interest. Google will then send them a copy of Glass on their home address, but without the included hardware.


In the package there is an empty enclosure for Google Glass and several accompanying spectacle frames in various colors. Thus, the user can play like he is wearing a real expensive gadget, and he should do this in order to get accustomed to the presence of Glass in everyday situations. This campaign should serve as an incentive to buy, because once the user starts to like this copy of Glass, the greater the likelihood that he will afford the real device in the future, according to experts from Google.

Currently the offer is available only in the USA and is completely free. Google will only during testing require a security deposit of $ 50 on a credit card for all those who thing that carrying fake Glass seems like an interesting idea.

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