Thursday08 December 2022

eBay says no to magic

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ebay magic

Today if you want to buy something, you can be almost 100% you will find it on ebay. But from August 30th you wont be able to find anything that is declared as “magic“, “psychic readings“, or “prayers“. Right now you are probably thinking who would even want to buy stuff like this, but there are all sorts of people, and obviously there are some that are exploiting that. So this is the last month you will be able to buy items like “advice“, “spells“, “curses“, “hexing“, “conjuring“, “blessing services“, “magic potions“ etc. Even though all of these sound a lot Skyrimish they can be found all over eBay at the moment.

As eBay is all about feedback, you can guess what was the issue with this items. eBay stated „Due to a large number of misclassified items and eBay policy violations, some categories will no longer be available on eBay starting the first week of September. Starting on August 30, 2012, attempts to list items in these categories will be blocked," and continues on feedback „EBay regularly reviews categories and updates our policies based on customer feedback. We are discontinuing a small number of categories within the larger metaphysical subcategory, as buyers and sellers have told us that transactions in these categories often result in issues that can be difficult to resolve.”

Lets take one item for example, MAGICAL CANDLE DESTROYER OF ALL DARKNESS, on sale by a user cyndarion (100% feedback, guess he is a world class magician).

Magic candle
He describes his item as
“This magical candle has been made and prepare by Cyndarion Ainiu with a supreme level spell to destroy evil
This candle is for cases where extreme and fast purification of a space is needed by destroying negative entities, demons and evil ghosts.  
Your light the candle in the chosen space and let it work until is extinguish by itself.“
And what you are getting is “ Wizard Enchanted Druid Demon Destroyer Candle. 5 3/4 " by 4 " size.“

So if you have any problems with demons or dark powers (not in Diablo 3 or Skyrim, but real life) this is a guy for you, find him on eBay, but hurry because it will only be available until August 30th.

[Ed - Magic, Spiritualism, Mysticism, whatever you want to call it has been around for thousands of years. People have also traded in amulets talismans, candles and other “protective” items for just as long. For eBay to ban these items but still allow for other religious items to be sold is something very unusual for an online auction house. We wonder what else they will ban next and if it will make any more sense than what they are doing here.]

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