Saturday04 February 2023

Ericsson miniature antennas for mobile signal improvement

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Ericsson has introduced a miniature antenna modules for mobile networks, which should ensure the presence of the signal of mobile networks and improved capacity on up to now poorly covered areas within the building.

System called Dot Radio System consists of several small round shaped transceiver called "dot", which can be easily mounted on the hard to reach places in the buildings. At the center of the system is base station which is connected to the mobile network of telecommunications operators through which miniature antennas distribute mobile network signal inside the building. The antennas fit in your hand and are only 300 grams heavy. They support standard Power over Ethernet, so it does not require any additional power source other than that obtained with a standard Ethernet cable.

The system works with all current current technologies for mobile networks, and supports simultaneous use by multiple mobile operators.

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