Thursday06 October 2022

Facebook brings a better Help center

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Today Facebook added a new and redesigned Help Center to help it's users to solve their issues with less trouble than they might have had so far. The new Help center has new layout and design with the addition of a list of popular questions users ask when they have problems (FAQ). The new Help Center design contains 6 large areas that contain major items that could be interesting to users based on how they use Facebook, if they go to Help Center while not logged in, they will see information about how to create your own account or resetting your password, while the standard users will have suggestions to learn privacy basics, report an issue, see what's new on Facebook and to discover new annoying features.

Below these sections there are Top Questions, like “what is Facebook Timeline”, “How do I reset my password”. Also there are suggestions that lead to pages about known issues on Facebook and Facebook tips. On the left side there is a sidebar with the most popular categories to help users navigate their way to questions and of course solutions. Here you can find information on managing your account, security, privacy, timeline, messaging and many other things. The Support Dashboard is now available to everyone worldwide, as this marks the finish of the rollout started back in April. It allows users to track what's happening with their report so users will get notification about whether the decision on it has been made or is it still in progress.
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Facebook currently has over 900 million monthly active users and are looking to do something about their awareness on privacy and security. Facebook's Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan stated “Both of these tools aim to provide the people who use our service with access to the information they need from Facebook as quickly and as efficiently as possible. These resources demonstrate our commitment to transparency and our continued effort to ensure that the people who use Facebook can create the experience that is right for them.” Even though you can never be secure from Facebook itself, at least you can protect your data from others that might try to steal your account, and whatever it holds. All these updates are live as of today.

[Ed – As we have mentioned Facebook HAD to start making changes and will continue to do so now that they actually have investors to answer to. Perhaps, in time, this will help curb their continued changes to their interface that drive users and potential advertisers away…]

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