Saturday04 February 2023

Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp approved by the FTC

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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission approved Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp, which was announced in February. Before finalizing the transaction, companies will have to wait for approvals from other international regulators in countries where both companies operate. However, the FTC's approval did not come without warning and instructions related to the issue that stood out as the most contentious - the protection of user data.

As the user base is actually the most valuable part of the company WhatsApp, and thereby the biggest reason why Zuckerberg agreed to pay as much as $19 billion for it, in this area will have to play according to strict rules. Thus, the FTC said that Facebook will have to ask all users explicitly for permission to use their data for advertising, or for any other purpose.

Both companies will have to guarantee their customers that the conditions that were in use prior to the acquisition, each Facebook's use of customer data acquired from WhatsApp outside these frameworks will be considered in violation of trade laws. If in the future Facebook wish to use this information in some unforeseen way now, except without the permission of the user, they will have to leave the option to choose whether users wish to take part in it or not.

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