Thursday23 March 2023

Faster Facebook app for Android

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Facebook has released a new edition of their application for use on devices based on Android. Unlike previous versions the new is not based on HTML, but a native app for Google's mobile OS. Frank Qixing Du, an engineer on the Facebook for Android team said that “This new release creates a solid foundation for the Facebook for Android app moving forward. The infrastructure in place will let us continue to make the app even faster, smoother, and feature-rich.”

The appearance of the interface remains similar to the earlier versions of the applications as most of the changes have been made in the background. The biggest news, which the new application brings, is the increased speed of operation. According to Facebook, operating speed is increased drastically - opening photos and Timeline happens twice as fast as before, and the first launch of the application is also noticeably faster.
Screenshot 2012-12-14-16-15-46They also worked on increased efficiency in the use of memory.  Facebook opted for their solution of scrolling instead of the default one on that comes with Android. The Android upgrade comes after the one for iPhone and iPad and though on both platforms the main focus was on improving response time and overall speed of the application. Version 2.0 of the application is available for free to download via Google Play.

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