Friday07 October 2022

The Quarterly Earnings Calls Start. Some good Some bad

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17So today most of the big companies had their quarterly earnings calls. We heard from Intel, Microsoft, Apple, and many others.  Most had both good news and bad some of this was surprising, some not so surprising. Despite assurances that Intel will “atomize” us (thanks for that one Francois) Intel reported that sales of the Atom CPU have dropped off. One of the big reasons for this is the increase in ARM’s presence in the market and a small showing by AMD with their new E350 CPUs.

Meanwhile Microsoft reported good earnings with the XboX and Office 2010 leading the charge. Not surprisingly sales of Windows 7 have slid again this year as has their Live division. Of course Microsoft also showed great returns in their Server/Enterprise division. But then again at last polling Microsoft was the leading market in that area (despite what the Linux house will tell you).

AMD’s financials were somewhat overshadowed by the fact that they are still leaderless. They still do not have a CEO and while they say they are looking for the right person to lead the company they are not overly concerned with getting someone soon. I have to say that after some of the CEO’s they have had I cannot blame them. It was a CEO in the form of Hector Ruiz that put AMD in their current financial state.

Other companies will be having their conference calls and crowing over their triumphs while trying to hide their losses. The ones with a solid product line will sound confident while the ones that do not will sound defensive.  In the end the quarterly earnings calls mean very little to the consumer; a record quarter does not mean lower prices after all.

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