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Free cloud storage for ASRock motherboard owners

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Currently on the market there are a variety of cloud solutions, and the company Kloudian Systems Inc. consider that their solution is much better compared to all others. Kloudian's Orbweb.ME allows you to easily connect all your smart devices with your computer, and creates an easy way of accessing your data.

In order to promote a Kloudian Systems Inc. in collaboration with ASRock they offer a three-year subscription to Orbweb.ME Professional without any fee, otherwise you would need to spend about fifty dollars. During the action Kloudian will allow the use of the Ultimate package which includes Remote Desktop function for the first month.

You can activate the service through three simple steps, or two if you already have one of ASRock motherboards inside your PC. If this condition is satisfied all you need is to download Orbweb ME Host application to your computer or iOS or Android device, and enter the promotional ASRock Cloud code - ASR2014.

[Ed - Interestingly enough Asus also did this for a short time for motherboard, laptop and tablet owners. We wonder if this is the same service just branded for ASRock... Come to think of it this could all be being provided by Asus' storage company at this point. Of course this is all speculation. It is just something to ponder.]

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