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Free Games for Xbox Live Gold Members on the Xbox One?

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In the current round of console wars it is pretty clear who is winning and who is not. Ever since it was first introduced Microsoft’s Xbox One has had challenges with consumer acceptance. Almost all of the reasons for this lay with Microsoft and the message they were putting out about the gaming console. The alienated the gaming community with massive restrictions and a multi-media push that Sony was able to counter from day one.

Since then Microsoft has been searching for the secret sauce that will allow them to lure gamers back to their side. They have cut prices, removed the Kinect and now could be looking to allow gamers to try games for free before buying them. There are a few leaked images floating around the web that appear to show this as a new campaign from Microsoft. If true it could have a positive impact on sales simply because everyone likes free stuff.

The original image showed up on Reddit so it might not be real at all, but there are some tweets on the Xbox Support channel that appear to back up the new promo. There are some restrictions though. In order to get this free play service you have to be an Xbox Live Gold member and, of course, own an Xbox One. The number of titles will also be limited, but from what we are hearing there could be some AAA titles in the mix making the offer more attractive.

As of this writing we do not know if there will be any limitations in the games so you could end up playing very limited demo versions. That having been said it would really not make sense to do that as the goal would be to get you to buy these games based on the game experience. In that case it would be simpler to time limit them and remove that once the game is purchased. This way allows a player to maintain their progress once the game is owned.

We will keep an eye on this one if for no other reason than to see if it is real and there is any impact to sales of the Xbox One.

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