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Free-to-play games bringing PS3 back

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Large developers like Crytek and CCP believe that Sony's support for free-to-play games will ultimately lead to the PlayStation's comeback to the top of the console market. Sony has recently released a free version of SingStar, in which users pay only music and the PS3 will soon have the first big Free2Play (f2p) title from CCP - Dust 514th. “If Sony embraces free-to-play as a major way for PlayStation, that could be the key console” Crytek's Cevat Yerli said. Crytek has also seriously dedicated themselves to the free-to-play model, and are currently working on an interesting FPS named Warface.

CCP's head of marketing, David Reid, agreed that free-to-play is the way to go and added that he believes that Sony will make a big step forward with their next-generation PlayStation. He said  “Last generation I was at Xbox and we were having our arses handed to us. And Xbox was the one that was trying to do crazy things with Xbox Live and so on...Five years later, things have changed and now Sony is being more aggressive. It is a cyclical business and it feels like we’re coming around to another big turn again.”

The Free-to-play model is becoming increasingly popular with many of the titles becoming free to play after financial failure in order to save what can be saved. Although according to the reactions on many forums it appears that players are not overly fond of this style of game, but the numbers say otherwise. Often the free-to-play games are the most played and also most profitable. Hopefully this won’t turn into bunch of pay-to-win games, like some of them have before.

[Ed – many companies talk about free to play, but what they actually mean is pay to win. We have noticed this is a money-making endeavor more than a few developers and publishers. People will get sucked in and not realize how much they are dumping into a game just to keep pace with what is going on. If Crysis and other games go this way we have a feeling that Crytek might find out the hardware that hardcore gamers are not interested in needing to pay money just to move to the next level…]

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