Thursday23 March 2023

Free video messages in Skype

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Skype has this year in his application for Mac OS X, iOS and Android implemented functionality that allows you to send video via chat message up to three minutes long, regardless of whether the recipient is currently online or offline. This possibility was marked as beta and came Restricted – you could send up to 20 messages, after which you had to pay Skype Premium subscription (5$ per month).

The ability to send video messages, called Video Messaging, is no longer in beta, but it's even more interesting that they decided to remove the limitation or need to purchase a subscription. In other words, all users of Skype application on OS X, iOS, Android and Windows can now exchange video messages for free.

Where is Windows Phone in all this? It sounds absurd, but Microsoft - owner of Skype - still does not offer the possibility of initiating video messages within the Skype application for their mobile OS. When owner of Windows Phone receives video message, he will get it in the form of link which he can then look only within a web browser on their smartphones. Quite practical, huh?

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