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Although keyboards are normally not exciting there are a few that will certainly grab your attention especially if you are into gaming. During CES Cooler Master showed off their lineup of gaming keyboards under the CM Storm brand one in…
Only a few weeks after we showed you the performance of the MAINGEAR Epic180 we have another product from MAINGEAR in the labs. This is their DIY thermal interface material called the MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 (yes it is a terminator…
01 February 2012
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MAINGEAR Epic180 Performance Review Part II Featured

Not all that long ago we talked to you about the MAINGEAR Epic180 water-cooling system. This self-contained unit was built by CoolIT to MAINGEAR’s specifications and intended for use inside their Shift systems (sorry you cannot get one of these…
03 January 2012
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Maingear's EPIC180 Liquid Cooling System Video Review- Part 1 Featured

In the world of boutique computer builders Maingear is a name that really does stand out.  Their Shift line of custom-built, high-performance systems are some of the best you can get on the market. The reason for this is that…
ThermalTake has launched some bold designs (and some rather gaudy ones too). Some of these have been successful while others have received ridicule from the online community and gamers (even coining the phrase “Friends don’t let Friends use ThermalTake” at…
28 June 2011
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Thermaltake V9 BlackX Edition in for a spin Featured

When people think about cases many different things come to mind. To some the best case is a simple black box (or beige) that they put their components into and that is that. Others want more style to the box…
15 May 2011
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Cooler Master's CM Storm Spawn germinates in the lab Featured

Cooler Mater is a company that is certainly moving up. It was not that many years ago that they were not well thought of. This was until they released a lineup of cases and coolers that showed they were serious…