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First off, let me say that I don’t buy brand new PC games very often.  I buy them even less…
13 November 2012
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Medal of Honor Warfighter Quick and Dirty Review

Military simulation games are nothing new, but their popularity has certainly increased with some of the recent press about US…
30 October 2012
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How To Allocate more RAM to Minecraft

Minecraft is set at a default of around 512 MB of RAM allocated to it, as this is the default…
28 October 2012
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Dishonored Quick and Simple Review

The Empress is dead, her daughter has been taken and a deadly and mysterious plague is slowly consuming the city.…
In 1998 a new company crated from former Microsoft employees launched a game that would change the way we played…
30 August 2012
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Darksiders II Quick and Simple Review

Darksiders II is listed as an action adventure roleplaying game. It is meant to follow the path of Death (yes…
Microsoft is doing the hard sell on Windows 8 features and in particular they have made a valiant effort to…
Yesterday the internet had an unexpected (by some) show of nVidia’s Mobile 28nm Kepler GPU. This was done through the…
We have been tinkering around with Windows 8 for a couple of weeks now and while we are still not…
14 December 2011
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Google Currents Stumbles in its Infancy

Ok, so everyone knows that Google has launched a competing product to the very popular Flipboard. This software is a…