Monday27 March 2023

Google's smart watch on the horizon

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The information that The Wall Street Journal got from informed sources in Asian factories are saying that Google will very soon introduce their very own smart watch.

Information state that it will have a virtual assistant, Google Now, incorporated and it will sync with Android devices to show users via their screens important notifications related to the calendar, alarms, e-mails and text messages. Also, this watch will use advanced technology of energy saving to significantly prolong the duration of the built-in battery and reduce the recharging frequency. OS that will come with this watch would of course be Android 4.4 KitKat.

Last month, it was said that the device should be named Gem Nexus, but it was soon denied. Now informed sources say that Google has plans to start mass production in a matter of months, and it remains to be seen whether will Google soon engage in competition with the Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch 2 and iWatch.

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