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Google TV becomes Android TV

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A large number of Google products on the market often achieves rather meager success. One of them is Google TV, which never managed to attract a larger number of users.

According to unnamed sources from Google which gave information to GigaOm, changes are on the horizon, and the online search giant has reportedly internally changed the name of the product, from the Google TV to Android TV. The new name also indicates the entire new platform, and there is a possibility that the actual name (branding) will be determined depending on the implementation of technology on different devices. In this way, Google will try to push Android into the TV's on the big and small screens.

Google TV launched back in 2010, as the company's attempt to dominate home entertainment devices. The platform is currently available on multiple TVs and accompanying entertainment devices.

[Ed - As with Android on phones and tablets Google TV is becoming more and more popular as companies want to get into the home theater market without spending a ton of money. We have a couple of Google TV options in the lab and are testing them to see how they work in the real world. It will be interesting to say the least and once SteamOS hit it should get even more interesting.]

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